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San Bernardino Sentinel Covers Upland's Planning Commission Meeting...Great Quotes

Last Friday's edition of the San Bernardino Sentinel (07/24/15) covered Upland's last Planning Commission meeting that was recently held on July 22, 2015. The article makes some good observations and gives some great quotes.

Here is one of our favorite quotes from the article:

"What was revealed at the meeting is that at least some of the city’s residents, primarily those opposed to it, had far greater knowledge of its contents than most of or even all of the planning commission members claimed or acknowledged. On more than one occasion, planning commission chairman Gary Schwary evinced complete ignorance or mystification as to certain provisions contained in the document when those provisions were referenced by speakers."

We are glad that the media has picked up on this very important fact...because it has become crystal clear to those of us who have completely read the plan and are opposed to its political underpinnings, that the five people who have expressed approval for the plan and even the people charged with vetting and voting on it, have not read the plan cover to cover. We know this by the comments that they make at City Council and Planning Commission meetings. Every time they speak, they expose their ignorance of the plan's contents.

Click here to read the San Bernardino Sentinel Article: Upland Residents Still Resistant To Density Upgrades In General Plan.