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Jeff Zwack Finally Re-Cants...Admits Climate Action Plan Not Required By Law

For months, Upland's Development Services Director Jeff Zwack and Contract Planner Shannon Kimball have told residents that Upland's new Climate Action Plan (known as the CAP) is required by law. And for months we have told as many people as possible that the CAP is NOT REQUIRED BY LAW and is just another political document by California's environmental extremists and political opportunists. Can you guess who was telling the truth and who wasn't? it turns out, Jeff Zwack at Upland's last Planning Commission meeting (07/22/15), after proclaiming the CAP was required by law at the beginning of the meeting, finally broke down toward the end of the meeting and admitted that Upland was not required to have its own Climate Action Plan...that the CAP was not required by law. Wow! Why did he and Ms. Kimball tell the residents otherwise?

Now you may did we know? Quite simple. WE ACTUALLY READ THE PROPOSED CLIMATE ACTION PLAN AND THE RELATED CALIFORNIA LEGISLATION. If you were to actually read AB32 and SB375, which we did, you would know that neither one directs or mandates a city to adopt its own Climate Action Plan. Furthermore, SB375 merely directs Metropolitan Planning Organizations (unelected regional boards that have drifted far into unconstitutional territory) to reduce greenhouse gases in their region. MPOs (ours is known as SANBAG or San Bernardino Association of Governments) are trying to accomplish this through their Regional Transportation Plans (which all focus on discouraging and reducing car use) and their Sustainable Communities Strategy (which is pushing "Smart Growth" onto the County without the consent of the voters).

And lastly, we knew it wasn't required because THE STINKING DOCUMENT ITSELF SAYS IT IS OPTIONAL. Hint! Hint! It's on document page 1-20 (or PDF page 32 if you have the March 25, 2015 first public posting).

So...should we hold our breath for an apology?