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Upland Residents Slam City Manager Rod Butler For His General Plan Editorial

Two days ago at Upland's City Council meeting held on June 22nd, residents took aim at Upland's City Manager Rod Butler and his editorial in the Daily Bulletin (Read that here) promoting Upland's new General Plan (Read a quick post response to Butler's editorial here).

One Upland resident took quote after quote from Butler's editorial and skillfully refuted them one by one. Some of the comments this resident made were so logical and salient that the crowd actual broke out into laughter. Other residents chimed in and chided Butler as well. An additional resident purported that Butler's editorial was so "pathetic" that is was most likely written by the American Planning Association (heavy proponents of "smart growth", "sustainable cities", and "Agenda 21") and Butler just simply signed his name to it. Surprisingly, someone even tried to out his salary by displaying a large salary figure on the overhead projector. All in all, the residents were not pleased with Rod Butler.

This is not the first time a letter from Rod Butler has upset Upland residents (Read a Daily Bulletin article here) and (Another Here). Moral of the story from the June 22nd City Council meeting: Don't let Rod Butler write letters to the Residents!