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Final General Plan Hearing Tonight...You Must Attend!

This is it ladies and gentlemen. Tonight, Monday the 14th of September at 7:00pm at City Hall is the final hearing for the City of Upland's new General Plan. This is your last chance to tell your elected officials that you do not approve of the plan's political underpinnings. This is your last chance to tell the city council that: reduced parking, reduced car use, increased property restrictions, environmental extremist ideologies, fake regional dictates, 3 and 4 story condos/apartments crammed into every nook-and-cranny of the city, 55 units per acre, 800+ new low income units, live-work transit villages, over-reaching health initiatives, landscaping restrictions, and all the other political based goals and policies are completely inappropriate for the City of Upland.

This new proposed General Plan absolutely does not reflect the character of Upland nor the values of Upland's residents. It was written by an environmental urban planning firm without any input from the residents. No "Jon Q. Public" resident was involved in forming the vision for this new urban plan.

Make sure to attend tonight's meeting and voice your objections to this plan. Every person matters and every voice makes a difference. Tell the City Council to VOTE NO!!!