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Urgent: Send Emails Prior To The City Council Meeting

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Another request, whether or not you can attend the City Council meeting next Monday, and I hope you can - it is crucial we fill the hall - more than last time...

I would like to ask you to email the City Council using the City web site ("contact" City Council)

or use this email address


and ask them to:


The reason to ask is that none of us have received any written or verbal answers to our requests for a Town Hall meeting.

At the Council Meeting you all attended on May 26th, Glenn Bozar recommended that a meeting be held for citizens. Mayor said he thought it would be fine and Carol Timm gave a major "speech" on how she thought it was a good idea to have a meeting with the "City Council on one side and the citizens on the other" and have a "back and forth" discussion about the plan.

Instead of organizing a Town Hall meeting as she said was a good idea, Carol Timm is holding a private meeting today with 8 "hand-picked" residents she has invited to meet with her and the staff.

They have ignored us. We do not want the plan as is and we want to talk about it with them.


Therefore, as citizens we request that the Public Comment Deadline be tabled until the City Council holds a Town Hall and our input is listened to and applied to the General Plan.

We do NOT want a "workshop" with the Planning Commission. Those are meetings where the Staff, the Environmental Planner and the Planning Commission give info and ask questions - we get a limited chance to speak and they don't have to answer our questions.

WE WANT A SEPARATE TOWN HALL that allows for "discussion" between US and the CITY COUNCIL ONLY - they are the ones with the power to change what staff has done to the General Plan. THEY are the ones who should give the staff the instructions on what to include in the plan ON BEHALF OF THE CITIZENS.

If the deadline remains on June 25th, then it is a signal that they have NO intention of working with us. Then we will have to take drastic measures to convince them the plan has to go.

And remember...they still haven't answered the main question of "Where will the water come from for 8,000+ new residents?"

Thank you for your help sending these emails. Ask your friends and neighbors to do the same. Forward this message to your email lists. We need hundreds of emails to go in this by tomorrow. We need to flood their in-boxes with this message.

We so appreciate each one of you for supporting these efforts!!