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Study Suggests Increased Stress From Traffic Noise Causes Weight Gain

On the Rush Limbaugh Show a couple weeks ago, he read the results of a study (and forgive me, I was driving and didn't catch the name of the organization who did the study) that found the increase of stress levels from living near traffic caused obesity. (I swerved off the road to take some notes!)

The study was of people who lived near high traffic zones. They found that, as traffic noise increased by 5 decibels, the subjects correspondingly gained roughly 2 centimeters on their waists from the increased stress caused by noise decibel readings higher than 45 decibels . He said that to just hear his radio program you would have to have your radio on at 45 decibels.

(I can attest that the constant roar of the 210 Freeway has caused me stress at night when I sleep with my windows open. I have to keep my AC on during the summer because I can't sleep with the noise.)

Whether we believe the study or not, there are many other studies that confirm that stress levels increase with overcrowding i.e. apartment and condo living. People living in higher density levels are found to have higher stress and anxiety levels. Researchers attribute higher density to higher stress and thus higher crime. So we can now add to that the issue of traffic causing enough noise for those that live near or in higher traffic zones to result in added stress - enough to make them obese.

So how will this news be assimilated into Mayor Musser's Healthy Upland plan? Will he recognize that increasing the number of apartments all over the city which will increase traffic, will cause citizens living in those areas to become stressed and anxious and overweight which will cause them to become UNhealthy?

You better reject your General Plan, Mayor. Upland will not be healthy any more if you don't.