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Why Attend This Wednesday's Planning Commission Meeting?...Because They're Hoping You Won't!

If you haven't already heard, this next Wednesday July 22nd is Upland's next Planning Commission meeting. Some residents found out about the meeting through Facebook, the City Website, or from Flyers being passed out. If you are one of the lucky ones, you may have just received a notice today or yesterday about the meeting from the City. The Development Services Department actually sent out a notice to some residents (read a brief blog post about that here) informing them about the nature of the upcoming meeting.

Why should you attend? The answer is really twofold. One - Because they are hoping you won't. If people don't show up, there is no one to object to their plans. That's how they like it...crickets. Business as usual. Even though they sent out a notice to residents this time, the content and late arrival of the notice all but assures most people will not show up.

Two - The General Plan that is about to be approved sets the vision and direction of Upland for the next 20 years. With a set of documents this powerful, shouldn't you make sure that they represent the values and character of Upland? That they are right for you and your family? As of right now, the plan is based around a "Political Philosophy" that is not shared by the majority of Upland residents. The Planning Department, City Manager, and the Planning Commission are all on board with this trendy political movement known as "Smart Growth". If you own a single family home or would like to in the future, you should probably immediately research "Smart Growth" which is also known as "Sustainable Development" or "Agenda 21".

So, should you attend? It sure seems like you should. Read the Plan. Understand what is happening and come on down to the Planning Commission meeting this next Wednesday July 22nd. We'll see you there!