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Announcement: Public Comment Period Extended To June 25

For weeks now the City web site showed the date of April 21st as the deadline for the Public Comment period for the General Plan and related documents. This was very confusing to many who might have even given up on writing as it seemed the deadline had passed. This was a public notice on the City web site and it was incorrect.

The City has just changed the information on its web site to reflect a change in the date for the Public Comment period on the new General Plan, EIR and Climate Action Plan. The new deadline for comments according to the site is now Thursday, June 25 at 5 pm. This gives us some more time to respond to specific data in the Plan, the EIR and CAP. So if you haven't sent in your comments, please do so right away.


They are playing games. There is not a date given for the Public Hearing itself. With the past EIR comment deadlines, they were followed the next day with the hearing. Are they planning for the next Planning Commission meeting and hearing on Wednesday, July 1????  During a vacation week????? Or is it on the 4th Wednesday of the month as usual?  WHY HAVEN'T THEY GIVEN A DATE for the Public Hearing?????

****CITIZEN ALERT!!!****

Everyone needs to attend the City Council Meeting this NEXT Tuesday, May 26th at 7:00 pm at City Hall and REVOLT!!


How many attend will make the difference. They already demeaned us for only having 60 at the last meeting. Let's show them and bring 500!!

We will not take this treatment any more. We asked on March 25 to have a town hall to voice our concerns. We gave the same request at the next meeting and at the next City Council meeting. We submitted questions in writing to the Planning Commission and all of this to NO AVAIL!!

We have NOT received any answers to any of our questions or requests. We wrote a letter to the Development Services Department asking to stop the plan until a new Urban Water Management Plan was written (which is required in 2015). We have not heard back on this request either.


Get your letters and flyers out immediately - this is a holiday weekend and many will be out of town. See if you can catch your friends and neighbors before the weekend. Send an email out to everyone you know!!! Contacting them Monday for the meeting the next day is tough for them to arrange their schedules.

You are all awesome!! Together we can make a difference!!!