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What's New - Other Cities are Fighting Our Same Plan

In doing more research on Upland's General Plan, we have found that other cities in California and even all the way across America including Florida are fighting against this same plan we are fighting. The new draft Upland General Plan and supporting documents are not unique to Upland. They are being implemented nationally. The environmental planner hired by each city uses the same "boiler plate" outline and just changes the name and a few other details and "voila" a plan for the next city just like the last one. These plans have the same components you have read in Upland's plan like "Urban Design", "Economic Sustainability", "Visioning", "Mixed-use", "Economic Fairness," "Open Spaces," etc. etc.

A watch-dog group, the American Coalition for Sustainable Communities, a conservative group of citizens who are helping to fight these Global Warming oriented plans, has been monitoring various cities and counties across America and report that here in Southern California, citizens are making progress to stop these plans in their cities. Here is a partial list:

Aliso Viejo - Green City Initiative - Plan Tabled.

Chino Hills - Open Space land banking - Element Tabled.

Hollywood - the citizens fought back against the proposed plan and sued the city. Judicial decision: Population forecasts used for the Housing Element found to be "fatally flawed." Plan defeated.

Tiered Water Rates - San Juan Capistrano citizens sued and the court decreed that using tiered rates is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

Huntington Beach - The citizens protested and the City Council restricted high density development.

"One Bay Area" Plan (creating a super county without elected officials; just like our SCAG and SANBAG) - Plan implements "Priority Development Areas" (PDAs) to direct certain kinds of development. In litigation.

West Covina General Plan Update - Consensus meetings, expert presentations, citizens fighting back: in process.

So hang in there friends! Don't give up the fight. We are not alone. Please keep alerting new neighbors and friends to the crisis. Have them register on this site for email updates. Have them come to this site often and post their thoughts.

A citizen has requested that the City Council hold a town hall meeting to listen to what WE think the "Vision for Upland" should be. The next meeting and hopefully a town hall meeting will be announced on this web site. Check it often for dates and times. Post your feelings and let everyone know we will not accept a plan that changes our long held values.

We want to be the City of Gracious Living not the City of CONTROLLED LIVING!!