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City Manager Rod Butler Says We Have to Change

In today's Daily Bulletin, Upland City Manager, Rob Butler, has written an editorial basically saying that the world has changed and we should too!

So let me get this straight, if every other city is jumping off a cliff, then we should too?

He said the world is changing - but he forgets to mention that the change is slowly coming through well-planned and timed social engineering. Remember that the goal of California's Global Warming Act AB32 was to change our behavior to what the politicians thought it should be. The fact has come out that these changes are to specifically redistribute wealth - taking from tax payers and giving it to the poor and friends of the political elite. Cities are embracing the changes because they see a chance to bring in lots of new tax payers and support non-tax payers which will bring in added grant money (tax payer money) to the city. The City Council has given up freedoms and their authority in doing so and welcomed congestion and more crime into our city.


If he says there is enough, then someone is lying. All development must be stopped until he can answer that question - and not just say "We will buy more water if we need it." California is in a drought, or hasn't he noticed?

I hope you will each take a moment to read the editorial. I have a link to it below.

Please also take the time to email or call Mr. Butler TODAY and let him know what you think.

City Manager's Office - Rod Butler

City Manager's Email - Rod Butler

Let him know that he has not planned, but he has been driven by, the need to sustain his and his co-workers' pension fund while simultaneously allowing developers to get rich with high density housing - all of which is NOT sustainable and all of this at the cost of our beautiful city and values and wallets.

Editorial by City Manager Butler

According to the Upland City Website, Rod Butler does not live in Upland.