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Plan To Attend Upland's City Council Hearing For The General Plan On September 14th At City Hall At 7pm

On September 14th, 2015 at 7:00pm the City of Upland's Mayor and City Council will hold a public hearing on the new "Politically" based and motivated General Plan. This is your LAST chance to tell your elected officials that you absolutely don't want the new General Plan. It is your LAST chance to tell your elected officials that the proposed new General Plan does not reflect the vision, values, or community character of the City of Upland.

Here is what the new plan still entails despite strong opposition from the residents:

  • The entire plan is written through the lens of an extreme political movement called "Smart Growth" (aka "Agenda21", "Sustainable Development", "Growing Green")
  • The "Smart Growth" movement is attempting to cram millions and millions of people into dense urban areas to drastically reduce car use
  • "Smart Growth" hides behind an environmental "Green Mask" and asserts that it is the answer to "Climate Change's" doomsday effects
  • "Smart Growth" labels single-family homes and decent sized lots as inefficient, a waste of resources, and unfair to society as a whole
  • Upland's General Plan has 4 new mixed-use zones. Mixed-use zones are used to implement "Smart Growth" live-work principles
  • Upland's General Plan has goals and policies promoting reduced car use
  • The General Plan promotes reduced parking
  • The plan will increase traffic, acceptable levels of service ratings of "D" or "E", (the ratings are from A-F), are acceptable
  • The plan contains "Environmental Extremist" ideology not compatible with the values of Upland's residents
  • This extremist ideology is being codified in a "Climate Action Plan" that is not required by law but is being forced upon the residents against their will
  • The new zoning allows for 4 story condos and allows the planning commission to approve even higher buildings under a Conditional Use Permit
  • The plan initially allowed 70ft towers before the residents stepped-in, but still allows for increased variances in height from stated maximums

This is merely a small sampling of what is inside the 2,200+ pages of our horrible new "Politically" motivated General Plan. And please be advised...ALL STATEMENTS MADE ABOVE CAN BE REFERENCED AND ASCERTAINED AS CORRECT WITH EMPIRICAL DATA FROM MULTIPLE SOURCES INCLUDING: DIRECT QUOTES FROM THE GENERAL PLAN, CLIMATE ACTION PLAN, ZONING CODE, PLANNING DEPARTMENT EMPLOYEE STATEMENTS, CONTRACT PLANNERS' PRESENTATIONS AND NUMEROUS ACCOMPANYING DOCUMENTS! Always research everything for yourself and never listen to a politician. Especially politicians from a City Hall that has a disgusting history of CORRUPTION AND MALFEASANCE!

Make sure to mark your calendars for September 14th, 2015 at 7:00pm at City Hall to attend the hearing. Every person's voice matters! Every person who shows up and participates makes a difference.

If you want to save your city, download some flyers and pass them out to your neighbors. Get them involved!