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Upland Planning Commission Chair Gary Schwary Threatens Residents

At the last Upland Planning Commission meeting held on Wednesday, June 24th, Upland residents received a stern threat from Planning Commission Chair Gary Schwary. At the July 22nd "regular" meeting for the General Plan, if anyone geers, cheers, comments, or even CLAPS, he will shut down oral communications and go straight into agenda items. WHAT???


Apparently the Planning Department and Planning Commission were expecting a lot of people to attend last Wednesday's meeting to protest and object to the new General Plan. Unbeknownst to them, most of the concerned residents were told not to attend this meeting as the Commission was going to rubber stamp some more higher density housing anyway. Only five residents were present at the meeting just to get a few more comments on the record. In addition to the "complete silence" edict from Schwary, he also has predetermined that all speakers will only have three minutes instead of the usual five. He doesn't even know how many people are coming and he has already dug himself into a defensive position and cut concerned residents' speaking time down to three minutes?

The Planning Department and Planning Commission have shown their hand again. They have ABSOLUTELY NO INTENTION OF INCORPORATING YOUR IDEAS OR ALTERING THE PLAN TO ALLEVIATE YOUR CONCERNS OR REWRITING THE PLAN TO REFLECT THE VALUES OF UPLAND. Oh, they'll let you babble on for your three minutes. And that's about it!

Not a real great spirit of cooperation coming from the Planning Commission!! Remember when they mocked residents back in April? Shame on you!