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What's the Deal?

The Planning Department and an outside Environmental and Urban Planning Company have created a new General Plan for Upland - “Upland’s Next Steps”. Since beginning work in 2008, they have NOT
made any “REAL” honest attempts to reach the majority of citizens to find out if we would like the NEW DIRECTION of the plan that will TRANSFORM and URBANIZE Upland. Placing small legal notices in
the back of the newspaper was their main pathetic attempt at informing the residents of Upland. You may not be aware but the plan includes:

HIGH DENSITY - LOW INCOME HOUSING along Foothill blvd. Multistory apartments will be built on
top of and behind retail businesses at each of the intersections of Euclid, San Antonio and Mountain
and other designated “High-Density” zones. The Plan includes having up to 8,000 new residents
including low income residents who are supposed to work in the retail businesses that they live above.
This concept has been tried elsewhere and failed. In addition, Developers can earn a “Density Bonus”
if they pack more poor people into their development project...and can build up to 30 units per acre.

TRANSIT ORIENTED DEVELOPMENT: All development will focus on public transportation, bicycling,
and walking with very wide sidewalks and transportation stations for buses, light rail connections and
the eventually CLOSURE of Foothill to all automobile traffic for the installation of a TROLLEY. Buses,
trains and trolleys are OLD technologies that are a permanent subsidized drain on taxpayers. This
backwards thinking does not take into account rapidly coming innovations such as ZERO emission
vehicles and automated driverless cars.

DEVELOPMENT WILL BE GEARED TO CHANGE BEHAVIOR: Walking, bicycling and buses will
have a high priority and be aimed at reducing your car use - using your own tax dollars against you
to constrict your car mobility.

CLIMATE ACTION PLAN: This identifies cars and single family homes as the #1 and #2 greatest
polluters in Upland. That’s right! Did you know that your single family home is destroying the
environment? So, cars and single family homes in Upland will be targeted for reduced use.

AND MORE: There are over 2,000 pages to the plan. We cannot list all of the issues here on one
page. Go to our documents section and download the plan for yourself and read as much as you can
to be informed and prepared.

As you can see...the new plan for Upland absolutely changes the character and values of our community. That's why this website was put up. To inform the residents of Upland of the unwanted and uncalled for changes coming to their beloved city.