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Upland Residents Initiate Recall Of Debbie Stone, Gino Filippi, and Carol Timm

After being ignored, lied to, and disrespected during Upland's recent General Plan Update process, Upland residents move for a change in city leadership (or lack thereof). Last week Debbie Stone, Gino Filippi, and Carol Timm were each served with a notice of intent to recall with the appropriate and relevant paperwork being filed with Upland's City Clerk today. The three aforementioned City Council Members now have the privilege of joining with Upland's Mayor Ray Musser who is already enjoying his own recall process.

Gee...if 4 of the 5 members of Upland's City Council are entangled in a recall, do you think they are doing a great job running the City? Here is a tip: Maybe you should listen to the residents. You know, the people who elected you!