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Upland Residents Officially Ask City Council For Town Hall

Last night at Upland's City Council Meeting, Upland residents officially asked the City Council to hold a Town Hall meeting. According to the comments given, the purpose of the Town Hall meeting is not for additional presentations by city staff or exploration of the General Plan, but to object to the Plan's content. Many concerned Upland residents assert that the majority of Uplanders have no idea that the proposed General Plan for Upland has been written based on a "Political Philosophy" not shared by the majority of Upland residents. Furthermore, the proposed Plan promotes a "new" vision for the City of Upland that is "anti-car" and designed to change the "behavior" of residents. Global Warming political buzz words permeate the Plan and the Plan even goes as far as listing residential land uses (Single Family Homes) as the #2 environmental polluter in Upland (please see Upland's Climate Action Plan Table 2-2, Baseline GHG Emissions Inventory by Land Use). Upland residents await the City Council's response.